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The Six C's

There is the factor of readiness to join a Yoga Study Group. Every mature Teacher is different and principally able to plan their own curriculum or programs at an individual level; perhaps with guidance only in the suggested sequence of study material.  Each individual Teacher proceeds as a Student at his or her own pace while also contributing to the study groups by sharing their own experience and creating the conditions for learning. 

It is preferable to gain some competence in a number of different types of Yoga activities as well as developing one skill to a high degree. One way to ameliorate the effects of the rapid expansion of yoga classes and growing numbers of qualified teachers is through specialization; finding a niche market and/or for pursuing research interests. 

Yoga teachers cannot attain maximum mastery in the field of yoga without expressive power and an ability to articulate and communicate with students. Creating modules and programs that relate to students’ needs, connectivity with peers, collaborating with participants in research projects requires critical thinking that promotes a culture of learning.

“The six C’s: Critical thinking, Communication, Connectivity, Collaboration, Connectivity and Culture. [] A Future of Work: Setting Kids up for Success (report by the Regional Australia Institute 2017) ‘to remain competitive in the 2030 job market and the ability to tap into our innate Humanness.’”

One priority is to organize information and meanings into an integral whole. A developmental progression takes place whereby Pratibha (Intuition) is awakened -while Transformations (Parinama) in the body, mind and senses occur spontaneously in Samadhi (Union with the object of meditation). 

There are certain essentials to be learned. At a foundational level the concept of Yoga Study Groups provides unique opportunities for newly qualified instructors wanting to hone skills and to receive peer feedback in a relaxed, and supportive setting. Networking, promoting, establishing or inheriting classes, sharing costs of advertising, or filling in for Teachers who are unavailable to teach are some of the actual benefits Yoga Study Groups offer.