Participating in yoga with my teacher, Hwamin, is a highlight of my week. The way Hwamin takes her class through the various practices, explaining the correct terms, makes it easy to understand how they will benefit us. She is supportive and caring with clients who have health problems, giving us alternative ways to do a practice and still gain the benefit. The relaxation and meditation ends the session in a great way. - C.G.  

I would like to share the experience of doing a yoga class with Hwamin over the last year. My stress levels have fallen dramatically due to her calm and caring teaching of yoga. Hwamin makes it easy for me to follow the poses and she always checks to make sure I'm in the pose the right way. The relaxation and breathing techniques that I'm lead through in the class help to start my week off with a sense of health, vitality and peace. Thank you Hwamin for being such a professional caring teacher.  - S.D.

If you are looking for a gentle, relaxing and calming yoga class, I highly recommend Hwamin’s Yoga Classes. She caters for all abilities and conducts the class at a pace which allows her students to get the full benefits of the yoga practice such as calmness and total relaxation. Many postures can be modified to suit a student’s skill level as well as joint and muscle flexibility. Also, you get to know new people who share a common interest too!  - L.T.