Come and spend a relaxing day learning and painting Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra is the most sublime of all geometries; rich with meaning and relates to both Tantra and Mantra. Yantra means to catch and hold, it is said that yantras caught and held the sound of Mantras in pictorial formats as they were being chanted. Sri Yantra is a visual representation of mantra OM - the sound vibration which is the closest to the vibration of the Universe itself. Sri Yantra is formed by intersecting of 9 triangles forming 43 smaller triangles and 2 sets of lotus petals. By meditating on the meaning of each symbols the Yantra guides meditator to the ultimate realization of the Self. Working on a Yantra is a visual meditational experience, as it involve a shift of consciousness into Divine energy forms. Yantras have remarkable healing powers, they remove stress and tension and raise energy levels and lift spirit. Print out will be provided that gives the meaning of all the representative petals and triangles of the Sri Yantra. We use top quality acrylic paints with a large selection of colors and high quality paper and we show you how to frame your Yantra. Saturday 5th January 10am-5pm

Sunday 6th January 11am-6pm

Saturday 12th January 10am-5pm

Sunday 13th January 11am-6pm

Saturday 19th January 10am-5pm

Sunday 20th January 11am-6pm

Saturday 26th January 10am-5pm

Sunday 27th January 11am-6pm

Cost: $108. Which include all the material and light lunch. Concession is available, i.e. if on a pension or receiving a disability allowance. Please inquire.

Where: Birkenhead at Tri Ratna’s yoga studio

Contact: Hwamin 0405 500433 or Tri Ratna 82424594


Facebook: Yoga Union Adelaide

It is a wonderful activity to share with friends and also an opportunity to make new friends in the spiritual community. The effect of Yantra painting, as the Tantric symbol of Cosmic Unity, promotes integration of mind, body and spirit and a sense of wholeness - a perfect way to start the New Year.